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May 8, 2008

The Point Of It All

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Neil Young is a very interesting artist.  He wrote a song called “Shock and Awe”. Here are the lyrics to it.

Back in the days of shock and awe
We came to liberate them all
History was the cruel judge of overconfidence
Back in the days of shock and awe
Back in the days of “mission accomplished”
Our chief was landing on the deck
The sun was setting on a golden photo op
Back in the days of “mission accomplished”
Thousands of bodies in the ground
Brought home in boxes to trumpet’s sound
No one sees them coming home that way
Thousands buried in the ground
Thousands of children scarred for life
Millions of tears for a soldier’s wife
Both sides are losing now
Heaven takes them in
Thousands of children scarred for life
We had a chance to change our mind
But somehow wisdom was hard to find
We went with what we knew and now we can’t go back
But we had a chance to change our mind

I love the message of the song. I used to think that Neil Young, Bob Dylan and a few select others were the kinds of people that weakened countries. I guess that was before my thoughts changed. In Iraq Saddam Hussein was put in power by the US. Apparently a ward of the CIA they helped him to become the leader of Iraq and proceeded to arm him to the teeth, also convincing him to invade Iran. The true extent of the involvement of the US in this will remain well hidden, I am sure of that!

So after all this President Bush (Jr) decides that he needs to ‘save and liberate’ the Iraqi people (or was it the oil) from the tyranny of evil and finish what his Daddy started in the early 90’s. The same people who funded Saddam’s rise to power and gave him the weapons and knowhow for his war of terror in Iraq now wanted him dead.

I wonder how the history books are going to remember all of this? I wonder if they will look back at the recent history of the US and see the Roman empire? Caesar Bush has a certain ring to it I guess.

So what is my point in this all? Back to the song… Thousands and thousands of loyal American servicemen dead. For what? Tens of thousands of Iraqis or more dead. Millions of people scarred by war and to what end? Now some say that Saddam needed to be stopped. Maybe he did but who put him in power to begin with?

I am disgusted by this war! I feel sorry for the Iraqis. I feel sorry for the American and Coalition troops that have been put in harms way by poor or corrupt leaders. Absolute power corrupts absolutely!


March 2, 2008

Home Is Where The Heart Is

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It is true that home is where the heart is. Over the last few months we have been uprooted and have travelled far away. We literally moved to the other side of the world. Things move differently here. There is no drone of human activity 24 hours a day. There are no emergency vehicles with sirens wailing going to the next fire, the next high speed chase, or the next heart attack.

We hear crickets at night. We hear the wind blowing. In New Zealand the wind always seems to blow. I don’t hear the constant noise anymore. When I first got here I had trouble sleeping. The silence was deafening. It was hard to sleep.

Hopefully we obtain residency, and eventually become Citizens of New Zealand. It is a beautiful place to be! I love it. My heart is here, my family is here…

February 26, 2008

Forget About Global Warming: Welcome To The Next Ice Age?

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A story in the National Post from Canada seems to imply that we could be headed for another ice age. This to me seems like no one really know what the hell is happening to our planet. We don’t really have an understanding on how our environmental footprint is impacting our planet. Or do we?

Fish are disappearing at an alarming rate. The number of species going extinct is accelerating at an unprecedented rate. The amount of pollution that we are dumping into this world is staggering. So maybe “Global Warming” as it is understood is not taking place. Maybe we are on the verge of an ice age as the article implies.

Here is what I do know. We are killing out planet with pollution. We are killing it by destroying the bio-diversity and the delicate precarious balance that exists. We as humans need to eat. We have a right to life. We do not however have a right to cause untold devastation on the planet.

In the bible it talks about us having “Stewardship over the earth”. Maybe we believe the word rape is a synonym of stewardship. We don’t care enough about the planet. About our own survival. We succumb to greed. Maybe we think that science is going to be our savior. Is some advanced technology going to save us all? Or are we like the Borg slowly consuming and digesting our planet until nothing remains.

February 23, 2008

The Postman Always Rings Twice

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I was in a museum today with my family.  We got there about 11 AM and were planning on having a family day with the kids.  We had been looking around for a while and got hungry so we went to the cafe that was part of the museum.  I was really impressed with the food.   

We headed back upstairs after lunch and I was looking into a glass case that held various firearms.  Inside was a .455 New Zealand Army issued revolver from sometime around the first world war.  A man came up beside me and said “I got to fire one of those once”, his accent immediately familiar.   I asked him where he was from and he told me where in North America he lived.  He told me he was a postman.  That me me laugh out loud.  Here we were at a gun case and he was talking about firing weapons…  He was a postman…  The whole going postal thing…  Nevermind. 

I asked if he lived here and he said that he did not but that he had holidays and he and his family decided to come to New Zealand and check it out.  We talked for a while and then our wives came looking for us.  We then talked some more and the women and kids went off and did their own thing.  They occasionally showed up and looked impatiently at us from time to time.

I ended up talking to him for a long time. We talked about capitalism, socialism, communism, the looming US election, essential services, colony collapse disorder (CCD), the stock market, greedy bankers, and lots of other topics. He was absolutely fascinating to talk to and I think that he found the same.He asked why I gave it all up. Midlife crisis I told him, guilt, who knows. I walked away from everything. Walked away from it all. Do I regret it? Do I miss the 42″ LCD TV with 400 channels of shit? The answer is not an easy one. I was consumed with money, with making money and spending it. All I wanted was money and then I wanted more money and I spent money… Man did I ever spend it.

I walked away, gave it up… Gave it all up. The more I continued to talk to this post man the more that I realized that I don’t miss it. About the only two things I miss is a really good cup of coffee. For everything that the Kiwi’s have going for them they should really and I mean REALLY learn how to make a cup of coffee… and can someone get me a damn real donut please? Krispy Kreme… Dunkin Donuts… I would give my left nut for a Tim Bit! I guess that is about the only thing that I don’t like about society here… I really miss my friends too. My close ones anyways… My heart just bleeds when I think about them. I think about them all the time. I miss them and their little boys. Their oldest was my Son’s best friend.

By the time that we were done talking it was 3:30 or so and they were leaving on the bus the next day. I invited them for dinner but they declined and we parted ways. I gave him my e-mail address and he is going to send me a tin of coffee from my favorite coffee chain… Bless that man! He is also considering moving here. Maybe I should go work for New Zealand Tourism.

February 17, 2008

What Goes Up Must Come Down

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I remember with fondness driving along the road and seeing a bumper sticker that said “Please Lord let there be another oil boom, I promise not to piss it all away next time”.  I saw that bumper sticker on the verge of the largest bump of oil prices since the 1970’s.  Mortgage rates were low.  Everyone had a Platinum American Express in their wallet.  Everyone had a big house and were signing up for 50 year interest only mortgages.  The economy in war time was booming.

Jump ahead 5 years… The economy is about to take a major dive. I hear ‘experts’ talking about a bust not unlike the 1929… Could it be the “Dirty Thirties” all over again? Lets face it… Liquidity is drying up and confidence is lost, just like all other depressions. we are sitting on top of the largest finacial fiasco in human history. 100 billion has already been written off by financial institutions. More is coming! The worst credit crunch in the last half century, but we have never seen anything like what is happening now. Bush is sending every tax registered American and Senior between $300 and $600 – each. Just to try to get people to spend and see if they can prevent and economic meltdown. Chances are it wont work. Basically the 1929 depression was caused by actions by the Government and the FED. they are doing the same things for the same reason now.

The US needs a cleansing process to get rid of their super consumerism. 70% of their GDP is based on the consumer. They are the most consumer-driven society in the world. in 1980, the US was the worlds largest creditor nation. Today they are the largest debtor. and the debts are simply staggering. never in history has any country had debts per captia of that magnitude. It only took 25 years or so for them to do that. Which brings me back to my point a couple of posts ago… Why can a Government drop million dollar bombs on people and not afford to look after it’s citizens?

That to me would be unthinkable… Un-American!

February 16, 2008

Barack Obama Assassination If He Gets Elected?

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“STOCKHOLM (AFP) – If Barack Obama becomes the next US president he will surely be assassinated, British Nobel literature laureate Doris Lessing predicted in a newspaper interview published here Saturday. Obama, who is vying to become the first black president…”

What is this? I heard about it on the news yesterday and it kind of shocked me really. The writer Doris Lessing seems to think that this is a real possibility. Is it? I can think of four Presidents who died at an assassins hand and few more who came close! Some closer than others, I am sure that everyone remembers President Reagan being shot. I still remember seeing the footage in utter disbelief.

So… Is it really so hard to believe that the first mostly black Democratic candidate would be assassinated as President of The United States of America? I honestly had not thought of this until I had heard it on the news. I am hoping that times have changed and people no longer want the President dead.

I am hoping that the Secret Service can protect him. I believe in Obama. I believe that he has the power to heal the United States. To heal the Country from within and to change the perception from abroad. The US needs Obama to be the next President, hell the world needs it!

February 13, 2008

Global Warming… Truth or Fiction?

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I am unsure of the validity of global warming as the science is just too new.  I do believe that we are indeed killing the planet.  One tree, one fish, one car, one more bag of trash at a time and we as a society really don’t care.  In Canada Stephen Harper would like to get a committee together to figure out how much it is going to cost to implement the Kyoto Protocol.  In the United States President Bush could care less about the environment, and lets not even start with Mexico or South America. 

The science behind global warming (As it has been put to me) has some holes.  There are just too many questions left unanswered.  I believe that it is part of something much bigger and we are not yet seeing the whole picture.  There is something much worse and I fear that we are going to find out too little too late. Our society is like the party goers on the Titanic.  There is a thick fog of obscurity around us.  We hear something new from ‘researchers’ every day, what are we supposed to believe?  Like religion we are surrounded by many different faiths and everyone is trying to sell us something different.  In the end we have confusion and nothing really happens.  

So like the people on the Titanic we are happily floating along at top speed not seeing what is happening around us. We may sense danger but don’t really see it. Maybe we don’t want to see it and we are comfortable with the people who are piloting the ship on its course. After all they have a license to pilot a boat of this size right?

The Far Side Of The World

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I recently abandoned North America and it’s ways… like a rat abandoning a sinking ship.  For the last few years I have felt like I have been dying inside.  My mind was screaming make it stop while my career was in full swing.  I decided with my family to abandon the sinking ship.  We boarded a plane with 6 suitcases and moved across the world.  

North America comprising of Canada and the United States continue on a collision course with the world. The use of Petrol and the lack of willingness to cooperate on anything green is a catastrophe just waiting to happen.  I would also like to ask the question here.  How in the hell can you afford to drop hundreds of bombs every day on foreign countries that cost more than a million bucks a pop and not afford to give your people medical care?  How can you not afford to fund education properly?   It was for these very reasons that I had to go.  I am cynical now but I am healing.    

I don’t like war!  There was a time when I was very conservative in my ways of thinking, the nuke em again kind of mentality.  I looked at tree hugging leftist idiots as the uninformed, and now I am one!  When I was in North America I could not attend University.  I did not finish my high school and there was not a school that would let me in.   I had to make my own way in the world.  I had to forage hungrily among the large corporate wolves to get enough to eat.  I had a lot of defeats but I had a lot of victories.  In the end I had everything I ever wanted and was unhappy.  Money it seems is not everything, nor does it have the ability to make people happy.     

I went through a midlife crisis and wondered what I was doing with my life.  I was surrounded by material possessions.  The more I had the more I wanted.  It was a never ending circle of consumerism.  I had 400 channels of shit on the TV to chose from and could watch Star Trek or the Simpsons 24/7.    

I am healing…  I am healing…  I AM HEALING!  After going through my midlife crisis (which I will blog about many times) I realized that I was being fed shit!  I didn’t care about anyone but myself.  I sold and gave away everything and left North America with my Family a broken individual.   I left with the determination to find the truth and to move to a place that was away from the regular world.   I came to New Zealand.  Since I have spent some time here I have cleared my head.   

I have realized that I do care deeply about my fellow man (and women) and want to pursue a calling in life more closely associated with helping people and healing the planet.  I want to pursue the second half of my life undoing all that I learned.  Maybe at the end of my life the good that I have done will outweigh the bad.  Hopefully I can bring a little more joy into the world.  A little bit of light…

Because Of The Wonderful Things That He Does

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After a hiatus from the world of blogging and Facebook I have decided to return to the realm of the digital world.  “I may not be near but I am virtually here”.  No I didn’t think that one up but it is a good one to be sure.  This blog is going to be done by me totally anonymously.  I love the freedom that comes from being able to be completely anonymous!  I can say what I want, when I want and how I want to say it.  I can completely ignore social conscience with no regard whatsoever for the status-quo.  Having said that I would like to welcome you to my life.

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